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No. 1: Meta's Threads Turns One Today

Anthony Cardillo wrote a "just the facts" report for Exploding Topics that describes Threads' growth in just one year.

Launched in July 2023, Threads garnered 10 million users in just seven hours. However, growth has decelerated significantly since then.

Currently, Meta is focusing on retaining users and boosting activity rather than acquiring new ones.

Threads boasts over 190 million users, with notable growth milestones, surpassing 1 million users in one hour and 70 million in two days. The platform has over 150 million monthly active users, although daily active users have dropped to 10.3 million, a significant decline from the initial peak.

No. 2: YouTube Culture & Trends Report Highlights

The good folks at The Publish Press broke down YouTube's annual Culture & Trends report in their July 3rd newsletter.

The report, according to The Publish Press, highlights significant trends among Gen Z and the growing impact of fan content.

For example, a remarkable 65% of Gen Z identifies as video content creators, a 25% increase from the previous year. However, only 8% of these creators are monetizing their content.

Fan-created videos are becoming increasingly popular, with 57% of respondents watching such content in the past year. Some 66% of Gen Z viewers spend more time on reaction videos than the original content.

No. 3: YouTube Hates Deep Fakes

YouTube has introduced new guidelines allowing individuals to request the removal of AI-generated content that realistically simulates their face or voice, according to a Tubefilter article.

This change, first observed by TechCrunch and officially updated in YouTube's Privacy Guidelines in June, represents a proactive effort to address the growing concerns surrounding synthetic media.

The platform's updated privacy process enables users to petition for the removal of any AI-altered or synthetic content that closely mimics their likeness. While this offers a layer of protection, YouTube acknowledges that not all requests will guarantee content removal. The criteria for removal include considerations of parody, satire, or public interest, alongside whether the video involves a public figure in sensitive situations. Furthermore, disclosing AI usage in video creation is crucial in decision-making.

No. 4: Blogging vs. Video. Which Is Better?

This week, The Wix Blog and Blog Tyrant both pitted blogging against its video cousin, vlogging. The two articles (one of which was an update) explain the differences between the two creative formats.

The Wix Blog suggests that both platforms can bring in passive long-term revenue, and the income potential can vary widely depending on the content's niche, strategy, and maturity.

It mentions that YouTubers often appear more vocal about their earnings, which might give the impression that they earn more, but this varies based on the individual and niche.

Meanwhile, the Blog Tyrant's update reminds us that both blogging and vlogging have significant income potential. The choice between them hinges on personal skills, interests, and the nature of the target audience.

Blogging offers more flexibility and control, while vlogging can engage viewers more intimately.Article titleLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

No. 5: Mastering the Art of the Hook

Have you ever wondered why some blog posts keep you hooked while others fall flat?

It all starts with the opener. Like first impressions in real life, the opening lines of your blog post can make or break reader engagement.

According to Darren Rowse at ProBlogger, your title is the most crucial line, designed to pull readers in. But right behind it, the opening line is vital—it's the key to drawing readers deeper into your post.

Rowse offers 11 tips for much better blog hooks in this article.

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