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No. 1: Louis Nicholls Wants You to Make Friends

I love this video from Louis Nicholls, the co-founder of Sparkloop. Basically, he recommends making friends and asking them to share your newsletter.

Launching a newsletter and hitting 5,000 subscribers in under 48 hours might sound like a fantasy, but for Louis, it became a reality.

The strategy hinges on leveraging existing audiences. Instead of painstakingly building a subscriber base from scratch, he tapped into the reach of established newsletter creators.

Building relationships with these influencers, offering them valuable content to share, and ultimately recommending them for free via Sparkloop is the process.

No. 2: Josh Spector on "How I Repurpose My Podcast Content"

Josh Spector's "meta" content flywheel video is great. In it, he discusses how he made this video using a ConvertKit-style content flywheel.

Here's how it works.

  1. Audience Engagement — A listener submits a question for the podcast.
  2. Social Media Post — Josh crafts a social media post before recording to answer the question and gather feedback.
  3. Podcast Recording — The refined answer, shaped by social feedback, is recorded for the podcast.
  4. Content Distribution — The podcast episode is published, with highlight clips shared on YouTube.
  5. Newsletter Inclusion — The YouTube clip is then featured in the newsletter.
  6. New Questions — Audience members, inspired by the content, submit their questions, fueling the next cycle.

No. 3: You Can Now Send Subscribers Videos on Substack Chat

Substack has just introduced video to Substack Chat, allowing creators to easily record and share videos directly with their subscribers. This new feature notifies subscribers immediately and offers the option to paywall content for paid members or founding tiers.

Following the success of video on Notes, which sparked creative content across the platform, Substack has developed this feature for a more private and controlled interaction. It enables creators to communicate directly with their community, like sending a voice memo or Instagram story, without the interference of algorithms.

With video in Chat, Substack aims to deepen the connection between creators and subscribers, enhancing the overall subscription experience.

No. 4: Justin Welsh Earns $1.5 Million from Course Launch

Justin Welsh, a former Chief Revenue Officer in healthcare, transformed a wake-up call into a successful creator business, leveraging ConvertKit to earn $1.5 million in six days. After a panic attack in 2019, Welsh left the corporate grind to focus on health and built a thriving consultancy and creator enterprise, amassing over one million social media followers and a robust email list.

No. 5: The Anatomy of Email Newsletter Design

Creating an engaging email newsletter involves design essentials like clear layouts, strong branding, mobile optimization, and compelling visuals. Prioritize readability with concise content, a single-column format, and eye-catching images. Personalization, interactive elements, and a strong call-to-action boost engagement. Test different designs and gather feedback for continuous improvement.


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