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No. 1: Smashing Could be Boon for Bloggers

Otis Chandler, co-founder of Goodreads, is launching Smashing, an AI and community-powered content recommendation app that connects users with various kinds of online content, including news articles, blog posts, social media posts, and podcasts.

Currently, in an invite-only beta phase, Smashing seeks to address the fragmentation in the media ecosystem by surfacing valuable content and driving users to publishers' sites. This could benefit bloggers and online publishers who have seen a decline in traffic due to changes at significant platforms like Google and Meta.

With Smashing, Chandler aims to create a platform that highlights the internet's hidden gems, similar to how Goodreads brought attention to worthwhile books, fostering a community-driven approach to discovering and engaging with quality content online.

No. 2: Ad Agencies Prepare for TikTok Ban

Ad agencies are preparing contingency plans as TikTok faces potential bans in the U.S. due to the Protecting Americans From Foreign Adversaries Act (PAFFAA).

According to an article from Tubefilter, these preparations include "kill clauses" and budget reallocations to other social platforms like Meta's Reels and YouTube's Shorts.

At the Cannes Lions Festival, TikTok executives played a pivotal role in shaping the app's perception, encouraging advertisers to view it as an entertainment platform rather than just social media. Despite legal challenges, TikTok continues to expand its operations, suggesting confidence that the PAFFAA will not be upheld.

No. 3: Beehiiv Acquires Typedream

Newsletter platform Beehiiv has acquired Typedream, an AI-driven site-building platform, to enhance its custom website offerings and position itself as a direct competitor to Substack, according to an Inc report.

This acquisition will allow Beehiiv to provide more advanced website features, including a drag-and-drop builder, an extensive template library, and integrated AI tools for content creation and optimization. According to CEO Tyler Denk, the aim is to simplify website creation for users, allowing them to focus on content while the AI handles technical aspects.

Typedream's CEO, Kevin Chandra, highlights the vision of accompanying every newsletter with a sophisticated website, leveraging AI to eliminate the need for coding. Beehiiv is hopeful the purchase will boost its appeal to writers and content creators, providing a robust website-building tool comparable to Substack, Ghost, or ConvertKit.

The terms of the deal remain undisclosed, but key Typedream team members will join Beehiiv to help realize this vision.

No. 4: Applying Email Marketing to Newsletters

On the "I Want to Know" podcast, guest Emily Ryan, a top MailChimp expert, emphasized the importance of simplifying email marketing for brands.

Ryan highlighted how a concise, digestible format, such as a single-sentence or one-link email like Josh Spector's, can be highly effective for busy audiences.

Ryan stressed that the key to growing an engaged email list is consistent, value-driven communication tailored to the audience's needs. Her insights underscored the balance between maintaining simplicity and delivering valuable content to foster a loyal subscriber base.

No. 5: Seven Underrated Growth Strategies

Ciler Demiralp offered up seven newsletter growth strategies in the June 27 edition of the Newsletter Circle email newsletter.

"I interviewed over 60 successful newsletter creators within Newsletter Circle to uncover the secret recipe for healthy newsletter growth," wrote Demiralp, adding, "Steal from the best: here are seven proven underrated growth strategies you can apply to grow your newsletter business."

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